Dental Joke's
A child comes to dentist .
Doctor asks what type of filling you want, child replies i want choclate filling.


A theater owner goes to a dentist .
Dentist asks which tooth is paining, owner replies balcony, left third from center.
Patient:Doctor,I am very nervous. You know,this is my first extraction.
dentist: Dont worry, it's my first extraction too.
Dentist: Just let me finish and you will be another man after these cosmetic procedures.
Patient:Okay doc,but don't forget to send your bill to the other man.
Patient says to the dentist, excuse me doctor u are extracting the tooth on right side but u have to extract on left side.
"Dentist" replies have patience i am coming to it.
Patient: How much to have this tooth pulled? Dentist:Rs200
Patient: Rs.200 for just a few minutes work??? Dentist: I can extract it very slowly if you like.
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